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This page gives interesting information on various aspects, past and present.

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Interesting Links

1. AzZahira web site
Another interesting site on Zahirians. Includes some historical info about the college and news from UK.

2. Muslim Guardian
Sri Lankan news portal dedicated for the Muslims.

3. Lankan Muslims
Another news portal dedicated for local muslims.

4. Muhammad - the Most Influential Person in History
From "The 100, a ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History" by Michael H. Hart
Local file.

5. Islam Online
Islamic news portal. Full of interesting articles.

6. Mother of all Islamic links!
If you need to bookmark ONE link, this is it!

7. Radio Islam
Always-on streaming audio, internet radio dedicated for Islam. From South Africa. Excellent content.

8. Radio 786
Another internet radio dedicated for Islamic world.

9. Masjid Noor
Updated weekly with English Bayans from the mosque itself!. Download as MP3. Excellent content.

10. Muslim Access
An ISP dedicated for Muslims.

11. Importance of positive thinking and other great articles
This site is full of short but effective essays; food for thought.

10. The difference between first world and third world countries
This presentation shows the REAL reason behind poverty - an eye opener.
Power Point presentation

12. Motivational pictures
A set of beautiful pictures with rich quotations from Click here to see a sample.
Entire set as a ZIP file

13. Al Quran
This tiny file (just 2Mb), once installed, gives you searchable access to Al Quran. Includes English translations as well as transliterations.
Click and select Save File As

14. Al Quran with recitations
Holy Quran by Jamal Al-Nasir. Supports Multiple Qur'an Languages, Remote Recitation, Manuscripts and many more features!

15. ICPH - Islamic Center for the Physically Handicapped
This center offers essential services to disabled for the past 20 years.




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