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Birth of the Group of Sixty

It was the brainchild of the founder President, M.S. Macan Markar supported by a few past Zahirians that saw the inauguration of the group with 20 members in 2004.  The membership now stands at 80 and it is growing.  The pioneers not only laid a firm foundation but also initiated many projects which generated funds exceeding Rs. 1 million in the first year itself.



A new Gymnasium for the students

While getting enlightened with knowledge, a complete man must be full of good health. In keeping with this adage, the G60 headed by the founder President through a project led by M.S. Mazeer donated a fully equipped gymnasium valued at Rs. 2 million to the college in March 2005.  This has become very popular with the students, especially most players of all fields of sports.


New washrooms for the staff
The G60 undertook the task to build a new washroom for the staff of Zahira College Senior Section. The washroom is equipped with all the latest amenities



Felicitation of Hon. Justice Saleem Marsoof, PC 

The Zahira College Group of 60' felicitated the appointment of the current President, Hon Justice Saleem Marsoof, as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, at a simple ceremony at the Holiday Inn in April 2005.


Tsunami Relief and the birth of 'Education for Progress Foundation' (E4P)

It all began on the evening of 25th March 2005 at the Holiday Inn, Colombo. The Zahira College Group of 60' was felicitating the appointment of a member of the group, Hon Justice Saleem Marsoof, as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. It was Justice Marsoof's speech on this occasion that inspired the formation of the Tsunami Relief Committee of the Group of 60' that was later transformed into the Education for Progress Foundation.  

The pictures show Hon. Justice Saleem Marsoof PC handing over a VCD Player to the Principal of Hambantota Zahira

Please visit the site for more information :


Visit to Hambantota  

G60 played a significant role to help the affected students of Zahira Hambantota and other schools in Hambantota, Kirinda and Lunugamwehera in the aftermath of the Tsunami.  The picture below shows the leader of the delegation Hon. Justice Saleem Marsoof  P.C., handing over a VCD player to the principal Kirinda Muslim School.


Mr. Branudeen Amit, who is domiciled in Australia, donated funds for the renovation of the Computer Lab. His company M/s Archibuilt helped in planning the project. Many G60 members also contributed towards the success of the project.
Seminar Series for GCE OL and AL students 

The seminar series by the Education & Welfare Committee of the Group of 60 was inaugurated by the President Hon. Justice Saleem Marsoof, PC, on 6th March 2007 at the Gaffoor Hall, Zahira College, Colombo, in the presence of Professor Tuley de Silva, Mr. Abdul Ahad, Acting Principal and his staff, Executive Committee members of the Group of 60 and students.  This one day programme is one in a series of seminars for students sitting the GCE (Ordinary Level) examination in December 2007.  The series will consist of special lectures on subjects such as Science and Mathematics in which present day Zahirians are particularly weak.  Special attention will be paid to sportsmen who have to spend additional hours at practice, to help them improve their performance at the examination.


Educational Programme for Rugby Players 

From May 2007 special classes in Mathematics, English and Sinhala were conducted for rugger players to motivate them to perform better at the GCE exams so that they could have a longer school career.  The parents and players were briefed on the programme.  As the classes became popular players of other sports such as soccer and cricket were enrolled for the programme.


Scholarship Programme 

The Dr. A.M.A. Azeez Memorial Scholarship Fund programme was launched with the award of 26 scholarships for the students of Zahira in July 2007.  Each AL student will receive a sum of Rs. 1000 for a period of 2 years.  In the programme for the year 2008, the scholarship amount will be increased to Rs. 1500 per month with a larger number of recipients.


M. Riza Abdeen awarding a scholarship M.M. Saheer awarding a scholarship


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